Out and About

Things we’ve been doing about the place:

14 February 2018 – Very serious learnings with Inland Revenue. They offer a number of really useful free seminars!
8 February 2018 – Sarah and Andrea headed into HQSC to discuss mutually relevant projects with Shaun McNeil.
23 November 2017 – Andrea attended the RNZCGP Digital Health Symposium.
20-21 November 2017 – Sarah and Andrea attended the Service Users in Academia Symposium at Otago University in Wellington. We also co-presented a paper with Associate Professor Dr Giles Newton-Howes (and yeah, that’s not a good photo of any of us).


13 October 2017 – Andrea co-presented a session on mental health accessibility with Helena Beckert of Xero at the UX New Zealand Conference.
9 November 2017 – We held a demand screening of the film Walk With Me at the Roxy in Miramar.
3 October 2017 – Sarah and Andrea attended Le Va’s Lifekeepers NZ training in Wellington.
19 September 2017 – We held a screening of CrazyWise for the central region Pathways team leaders and team coaches.
6-7 September 2017 – Andrea attended the Social Movements Conference at Massey, Albany Campus and co-presented about Mad in Aotearoa with Gary Platz.
29 July 2017 – Andrea co-presented a session on prescribing psychotropic medication with Associate Professor Dr David Menkes and Professor Dr Bruce Arroll at the RNZCGP Conference in Dunedin (and we all learnt the result of taking photos in front of a projector).
28 July 2017 – Andrea co-presented at the RNZCGP Conference in Dunedin about the updated Equally Well evidence review with Jo van Leeuwen.
19 July 2017 – Andrea MC-ed a screening of the ACEs documentary Resilience in Wellington for Te Pou o the Whakaaro Nui.
13 May 2017 – We were part of the international launch of the film Emerging Proud, which we held at Vogelmorn.
4 May 2017 – Andrea attended the Central TAS symposium ‘Joining the Dots’ and co-presented on Equally Well with Helen Lockett.
April 2017 – We held public screenings of the film CrazyWise
23 December 2016 – Sarah and Andrea attended the Otago University at Wellington Summer School.


14 December 2016 – We held the first public screening of our friend’s film Crazy Happy at Vogelmorn.
26 August 2016 – Sarah and Andrea attended the TheMHS Conference in Tāmaki Makaurau. Andrea co-presented a session about Equally Well with Helen Lockett and Jo van Leeuwen.
23 August 2016 – Sarah and Andrea attended the Primary Health Symposium at Te Papa and co-presented a workshop about Equally Well with Helen Lockett.


10 December 2015 – We celebrated officially existing with some friends.