Mad in Aotearoa

Wellbeing Wellington supports the blog site Mad in Aotearoa.

Mad in Aotearoa provides blog space for expressing the creation of wisdom from living inside the experience of extreme states of being. Writers speak in their words, from their cultures and communities, and from their lives in Aotearoa/New Zealand. The writers are showing how they are using this wisdom in their worlds.

List of posts:

Society and Mental Health: Creating New Narratives – Tessa Belich
Ending Seclusion in Tairawhiti: An Interview with Guy Baker of Te Kupenga Net Trust – Anna Jane Jackman
Affirmations – Jonathon Hagger
A New Mental Health Commission: Some thoughts from our community
Integrative, Holistic and Ancestral Health – Sarah O’Connor
Depression and Anxiety is Balls – Jonathon Hagger and Fleur Pepperell-Roberts
Election 2017 – NZ First’s Reply
Me & Psych Drugs – Andrea Bates
My Happy Kitchen – Sarah O’Connor
Imagination, my asylum – Gary Platz
Starting a Peer Support Group – Dennis Duerr
Election 2017 – The Māori Party’s Reply
Poems – Cushla Louis-Carroll
Office of the Auditor-General’s Report – Taimi Allan and Andrea Bates
Election 2017 – The Green Party’s Reply
The Mental Health Impact of Hate Crime – LaQuisha St Redfern
There’s An Election Coming – Mad in Aotearoa
Why Worry? – Anna Jane Jackman
#reviewthesystem – Andrea Bates
The Stories We Tell – Stella Carruthers
Mental Distress – Sarah O’Connor
Hard Won Wisdom – Richard Anderson
Talking Together: beyond mental health – Anna Jane Jackman
Just Get On With It – Karen Breckon
Advertising Psychiatric Drugs on TV – Taimi Allan
Come on! Let’s do something about this! – Sarah O’Connor
A Five Mile Meander – Andrea Bates
In, Through, Beyond; Madness – Gary Platz
Our Coming to Mad In Aotearoa
Dear Readers – Anna Jane Jackman
Tahi – Egan Bidois
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