Emerging Proud – Wellington Screening 13 May

Emerging Proud is a new social action documentary which is premiering worldwide this weekend. We have arranged a screening starting at 2.30pm this Saturday 13 May at Vogelmorn, 93 Mornington Road, Brooklyn, Wellington. Please bring a gold coin as a contribution to the venue hire costs, and any snacks you may wish to enjoy.

Emerging Proud features accounts of people telling their personal transformation journey story, showing that it is possible to go from breakdown to breakthrough. The film shows the kinds of things they experienced, and what helped them to work their way out of the chrysalis. Sharing in people’s personal stories is a helpful tool in the recovery journey.

“Millions of people around the world are waking up to an expanded level of consciousness and thus experiencing spiritual phenomena. For many of these people the journey of awakening is a turbulent roller-coaster ride into the abyss of a misunderstood Universe, and as such, it can also be a fast admission ticket into the world of psychiatry. If the world is to evolve, our Western cultural perception of spiritual phenomena has to evolve too.”

After we have all seen the film there will be small group discussions to share our responses and thoughts on what we could do to support understanding of experiences of spiritual emergence.

“All of the people participating in the inaugural #EmergingProud launch events around the world will take part in Open Space discussions aimed at ‘Rethinking madness; how can we create a safer society in which we can openly talk about and support our madness?’ 

Each country will report back at the end of the day, about what action points and initiatives are happening as a result of their discussions.

An INTERNATIONAL REPORT will be produced and available for free on the #EmergingProud website to show the impact of the first #EmergingProud day.”

At the moment we are the only screening happening in Aotearoa/New Zealand and we are looking forward to adding our perspectives to this international discussion.

The Emerging Proud organisers are starting an ongoing discussion that we are really happy to be part of, and we will be continuing to share more information about this developing movement.

The Emerging Proud international launch event promotion picture.

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